About Taurus Zodiac Sign

Their ruling planet Venus, represents love, attraction, beauty, and creativity. Venus is also responsible for good social and financial life. The Taurus symbol is the Bull an extremely stubborn sign. Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign known for stability. Taurus is among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. They have lots have patience, willpower, and tolerance.

They are charming and interesting people.  They are great in making money and they will stick to their projects until it is successfully completed. This sign is in tune with the luxurious pleasures of life. Taurus are the most stable and consistent zodiac sign among the all. They always choose to be in a comfort zone and refuse to embrace the change. Taurus people are simple in nature and they never try to judge people.

Taurus Love and Sex

Taurus people are very charming and interesting people They keep lots of passion about their partner and are good in love making. They are extremely sensual and touch is very important to them. Due to lack of trust and possessiveness Taurus tend to test their partner before committing to them. Taurus enjoys hosting house parties and family gatherings.

About Taurus Man

Taurus man has good humor and is sensual. Taurus man is not flexible in nature and often don’t like changes in his life. Taurus man is a loving and kind person. If you like strong, loyal, dependable and generous men, you’ll love men born under the Taurus star sign. They are protective of their loved ones and are gentle in behaving with them. They are also a good host and it will be a delight to spend some time at their home. A man born under the Taurus astrology sign loves to cook. They like to maintain their social network.

About Taurus Woman

The Taurus Woman personality is one of the most easily recognizable of the zodiac. They enjoy nice things. They are clever but prefer smart work than straining their brains. They make their conclusion about a person only after tactfully observing him. They will not be quick to fall into bed with men you will need to appeal to her sense of romance. It is very unlikely that she will give into her sexual desire quickly if you want to be with her you will need to invest time and energy into making her feel comfortable. They are also good as an artist.