Date:                           22 June – 22 July

Zodiac Element:        water

Zodiac Quality:          cardinal

Sign ruler:                  Moon

Detriment:                  Saturn

Exaltation:                  Jupiter

Fall:                             Mars

Lucky Day:                Monday

Lucky Colour:           Green, Silver, White

Lucky numbers:        2

Lucky gemstones:      Opal, Pearl, Ruby and Moonstone

Lucky Metal:             Silver

Lucky flowers:           Daisies and Wallflowers

Cancer Personality:

Cancer people are known for their changing moods and emotions. They usually hide their emotions behind their humor and are good at retaining their memory. Cancer people treat every incident differently and learn from their experience. Sometimes you can see them extremely active and enjoying their time but sometimes they are also seen calm and lost in their own thoughts. They like to day-dream and they are often lost in it. They don’t like to chase fame but if they get it then they know how to maintain it. They are kind and loving. They like to be around their family members and close friends.

Cancer Positive points:

Cancer people are innovative, protective and emotional. Though they are short tempered, they easily calm down and even forgive people. They can show immense amount of power sometimes. They believe in helping the helpless. They often take responsibility of their family and are devoted to them. They are good advisers also. Many cancer people can be artist. They have ability to become a sports person. They like being outdoors and on to the trip. They like to have their own path and always come with interesting approach. They are intellectual and successful professionals.

Cancer Negative points:


people are moody which affects their emotions also, thus cancer people can be difficult to predict. They can be easily hurt by harsh words .They have tendency of hiding themselves after getting hurt; they would not meet new people properly and significant change in their nature can be seen. They can be possessive lovers and can become jealous. Their nature of taking responsibility can create burden on them. They often live in their past and can’t let go of it. They can have problems in their relation due to their past.

Best matches:

Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces

In-compatible matches:

Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius

Cancer Friendship:

Cancer people like to be with the people who support them and praise their work. They have natural talent to make others happy. They like to help other people. In return they take pride of making others happy. They only depend upon other people for encouragement and support. Cancer prefers lifelong friend and share their inner thoughts only with them. They would go out camping and hiking with their friends. They like to party and enjoy the company of their friends.

Cancer Relationships:

Cancer person has very tender heart and they are of sensitive nature. They seek security from their partner along with love. Cancer people want their partner to understand their feelings and accept them as they are. They can be deeply wounded if anyone breaks their trust. They believe in a long term relation. Cancer people are romantic and kind hearted. They would give high priority to their family and be careful while raising their children. Cancer person will either stay calm during pressure situation or would be dangerous to explode. Mood swinging nature can also cause depression and sadness due to which they often try to hide themselves from the environment and people around.

Cancer Professional life:

Cancer person is shy of new places and people so it will take some time to adjust with all of them at office or in their professional life. Once they overcome it then they are ready to work properly. They stand for what they think. With their creativity, power of observation and knowledge they can be very successful in their life. They are happy at what they have and are independent. They can be good business-man as they have ability of investing and predicting the demand. They are also good at handling the money. If they try not to mix their emotions with professional life then they can be successful professional.

How to Attract Cancer:

Cancer people are emotional so you need to express your emotions to them, in order to start the relationship. Be careful if you don’t want to commit yourself with serious relationship with them. It is better to admit your feelings than breaking their heart. You should gain trust from them. Appraise them whenever required and provide them with comfort. You should show some creativity to attract them. Don’t fake yourself as they can easily detect the lie. Their nature is to help others and like to give advice. They seek physical attachments and affection from their partner. They like innovations and culture so you can take them to museum or historical places. If you provide them with what they need then they will grow closer to you and your relation will become thick.

Famous cancer people:

Nelson Mandela, Sylvester Stallone, Dalai Lama, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Pamela Anderson, John Elliot Bradshaw, George Michael, King Edward VIII, Imelda Marcos, Mike Tyson, Georgio Armani

Word of advice:

Don’t let your personal life get mixed with your professional life. Control your emotions. Every idea can’t be implemented.

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